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We’re entering the Age of Intelligence. Brands need to incorporate all relevant data with regards to customer behavior, emotions and intent in order to be able to create a differentiating and personalized experience.

When we set out to design the ROUNDMAP™ we knew we were in for a challenge. We had to bridge multiple disciplines, integrate known marketing models like AIDA, REAN, Moments of Truth and ICT, cover business practices like Agile and Lean, and account for known and new ways of creating business value.

It was tough and we’ve lost both sight and confidence numerous times. But we sticked with it and we believe to have nailed it in the end.

ROUNDMAP™ has become an unique all-encompassing perspective of the front-office operation, consisting of three levels and almost 100 interconnected aspects. To understand the framework, you’ll need to perceive its composition, its context and inherent implications. That’s what the book Customer Dynamics™ will be all about.

The management book Customer Dynamics™ is expected to be published, both in Dutch and in English, early 2020.

Title: Customer Dynamics
Subtitle: An Interconnected Pathway to Execute a Meaningful and Purposeful Business Strategy
Series: The Customer CODEX™
ISBN: 9789082722208 (NL)9789082722215 (EN)
Author: Edwin Korver
Publisher: iCity Publishing
Due date: Early 2020

Picture of Edwin Korver

Edwin Korver

Architect of ROUNDMAP™ - Advancing Grandmastership of Business™ ✪ Business Model Matrix™ ✪ Polymath ✪ Generalist ✪ Systems Thinker ✪ Board Member, CEO CROSS-SILO BV

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