Customer Dynamics™ (EN) – Early Bird

Panta Rhei, everything flows. But sometimes the world around us is changing so fast that we lose control and ultimately lose our faith in our future. Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman, confirms this believe, based on the Edelman Trust Monitor 2017. Richard even used the words ‘an implosion of trust‘.

Instead of ad-hoc responses to cope with these conditions, most brands would favor themselves if they were to take a step back and widen their perspective. Everyone knows (or should at least begin to realize this as such) that their right to existence is not due to the splendor of their leadership, nor the excellence of their operations, or the amazingness of their products. They owe it all to their customers.

Therefore, if a brand wants to retain or regain its relevancy, it needs to fully comprehend both the overall market dynamics as well as the dynamics of all customer interactions. This will not only help them to create new and relevant business models, define viable value strategies and build sustainable customer relationships, but it will also allow them to help their customers regain their trust.

Customer Dynamics™ is the first book in a series, called the Customer CODEX™, based on the Customer SONAR™ framework – an unique 360-degree, cross-silo perspective of the full spectrum of customer interactions; from business modeling to personalized customer life cycle planning –

The management book Customer Dynamics™ (English, ISBN 9789082722215) will appear on nov/dec, 2017.