"We're convinced that only from a capacity of mastering the SITUATION integralLy one can obtain the business acumen to make the right decisions at the right time." - Edwin Korver, architect ROUNDMAP™

Drawn from an awe-inspiring vision, astute leadership, and shared purpose, ROUNDMAP™ Certified Professionals seek to defend existing revenue streams by fortifying customer relationships and optimizing the current management system from an integral change approach, while at the same time pursuing new opportunities for growth, taken from viable, feasible, and desirable innovations, leading to differentiating proposition and compelling customer experiences, to secure future growth.

Most companies are being directed top-down, with a three-level hierarchical management structure: first-level, middle-level, and top-level. By subdividing complex business processes, they allow teams of specialized employees to excel in a single function: logistics, accounting, marketing, and so on. 

While functional structures drive productivity, they induce functional silos, creating barriers that inhibit cross-functional collaboration and innovation. To cope with the rapid change and secure future growth companies need a cross-functional approach to change and innovation.

Selection of the FRAMEWork's Building Blocks


ROUNDMAP™ is a proprietary integrated business framework. While each of the framework components is unique, we have tried to remain compatible with traditional linear management practices. Regardless, it will take practice to perceive a business from an integral (whole thinking) and cyclical (lifecycles) approach. But it’s worth the effort. 

Once you learn to perceive the business as a whole, it becomes so much easier to discover, define, design, develop, and direct business ventures, to change or improve from an integral change approach, to drive meaningful innovation, or to forge strong customer bonds.

The program consists of three programs, leading to three levels of competence:

  1. Practitioner Program
  2. Master Program
  3. Grandmaster Program

The Practitioner Program focuses on professionals that want to learn the basics of the Framework to deploy it successfully in small to medium companies.

The Master Program incorporates specific aspects for medium to enterprise-level companies, while the Grandmaster Program handles complex business transformations.

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"With deliberate practice, however, the goal is not just to reach your potential but to build it, to make things possible that were not possible before."