Membership Overview

To start a formal certification program or to access exclusive areas on our website, we’ve created several levels of membership. Please select the one that fits your need.

ROUNDMAP™ Inner Circle

In return for access to exclusive content we ask a small favor: a small contribution as a token of your support. You’re invited to join our growing global community.

ROUNDMAP™ Coordinators

If you would like to deploy the ROUNDMAP™ in your organization, please select the Coordinator Membership to start your Coordinator Certification Course.

ROUNDMAP™ Practitioners

If you would like to use our framework in your consulting practice, you’re invited to join the Practitioner Membership to start your Practitioner Certification Course.


If you need to address the challenges of an enterprise, then the Master Membership is your way-in toward the Master Certification Program.

ROUNDMAP™ Grandmasters

If you need to master the challenges of any type of business, be it small or enterprise-level, then the Grandmaster Membership is your group.

ROUNDMAP™ Certified Professionals Association (CPA)

Details will follow soon.