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Now that ROUNDMAP™ Customer 360 has been developed into a full-fletched mapping system of the Customer Dynamics™, consolidating two frameworks, the Business Model Matrix™ on the one hand and the Integrated Customer Lifecycle™ on the other, it was time to adopt a new symbol.

One crucial aspect to consider is that the Business Model Matrix™ and the Integrated Customer Lifecycle™ overlap, which has been a significant finding, discovered during the creation of the ROUNDMAP™. This overlap indicates that a strategic focus on f.i. the blue sector will have executional implications (often referred to as ‘tactics’) at the ultimate level of truth, the customer lifecycle.

Another aspect to be aware of is that organizations exist of multiple silos – groups of experts – each with their own rules, behavior, symbols, signals, norms, postures, and so on, which fragment the execution of the Business Strategy, which, if left unattended, will cripple the operating performance.

Obviously, social dynamics within each group may inspire individual workers to support each other or try to outperform one another, which is both cases can be beneficial. However, separate group dynamics are also known to create tunnelvision. And in some cases lead to apposing groups that are known to obstruct or even block cross-functional collaboration alltogether.

We’re not suggesting to crush the silos, merely to cross them. This requires a true collaborative mindset. Representatives of each group have to sit down regularly at an intercompany roundtable and discuss openly what information needs to be shared, why, how often and in what shape or form, in order to garantee the free flow of information, thus fit the customer lifecycle puzzle which will help determine the future outcome of the business.

Great leaders define themselves by appealing to a collaborative mindset, creating a truly effective value chain. And do so without attempting to disturb the positive effects of separate group dynamics.

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